JCEF Leadership

Chris Aguilar (Chief Executive Officer)

I am an applied entrepreneur by heart and real estate developer by training. Born and raised in San Diego, I graduated from SDSU in business management.  I am blessed to be able to mix my entrepreneur passion with my training as a Christian to build and develop leaders. Since the inception of JC Education Foundation our mission has been to serve as a bridge empowering people to self sustainability. Specifically those with serious needs whether physical, psychological, or financial. Being able to do this in San Diego and our neighbor communities has really been a privilege. Givers always gain..!

Susie Saldana (Vice President of Operations)

I was born in San Diego, CA, and I have been a part-time children’s ministry leader of Christian education in National City, CA from 2007 to 2017. I am currently a business owner. I have a degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Behavioral Science. I am married to Rev. Edward Saldana and we have two children.  As a family we have been working with fractured families in San Diego and Mexico for 10 years, helping young children and adults on the lower levels of social stratification transform their lives while helping individuals to find there own unique contribution to impact in there own communities (barrios). My goal is to help the orphans and street kids; focus on education and literacy as well as entrepreneurship. I believe in offering a hand up and not a hand out.

Luis Campos (Director of Volunteer Coordination)

My name is Luis Campos. However, I go by Lucas. I was born and raised in Tijuana Mexico. I have been in ministry for 13 years. My ministry passion is serving the poor and discipling boys that are part of broken families. My goal is to help them obtain an education or a skill that will keep them from looking to the streets for support. In doing this I hope the positive influence spills over to the rest of the family.

Karen Willet (International Director of Operations)

My name is Karen willet. I am originally from Muskegon Michigan. God called me to serve in this area 6 years ago here in Tijuana. I had already been on several week long mission trips to Tijuana. In God’s perfect timing it took six years to relocate. I have been living in Tijuana since 2016. The Lord continues to bless me so that I can be the light he had called me here to be. My goal is to help them get through primary school. And then assist with secondary school or obtaining a skill that will allow them to be self sufficient so that they can go out and disciple the more youth.

Bibiana Saldana (Volunteer Coordinator)

I enjoy working as a volunteer with JC Education Foundation. I myself am a teenager and have found great joy in helping younger kids reach there greatest potential. It’s exciting to see a young person find confidence in education. Most of the kids we meet do not know how to read or aren’t in school due to poverty and not being able to afford uniforms. The school uniform program that has been set up and has helped many teens finish junior high and move on to High School. Most drop out due to lack of funds. I am so excited to see so many become great achievers through monthly sponsors like yourself.