Project BUILD

Have you ever witnessed a child lost in imagination while playing with LEGO® bricks?

There is something magical about watching little hands work with the tiny bricks. They may build a rocket with 10 engines or a car that looks like mobile  home without a roof with wheels everywhere.  LEGO are amazing at enabling kids to develop motor skills, imagination, and creativity – all through play. I have watched my sons grow and develop in incredible ways simply by playing with their LEGO sets. That is what inspired the creation of “Project BUILD”: Begin to Unleash in Learning and Development.

Started in September 2017, Project BUILD is meant to bring joy and opportunity to children who have very little. We want to enable learning through play and bring a piece of the same happiness more privileged kids experience – using LEGO toys as our platform.




We have identified an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico where we can have a major impact. Their current living conditions are severely inadequate. The facilities would not support creating a space where LEGO bricks could be played with. Luckily, a donation of land overlooking the ocean has opened the opportunity to create a brand new building for the children that will actually give them a truly livable space. Through donations they have been able to start construction and expect to move the children in by February 2018.

The following video shows the current conditions of the orphanage described by one of it’s residents, 8 year-old Jimena.

Connecting with this orphanage during this phase allows us to contribute with the vision of the BUILD project. We were able to add a LEGO room to the site blueprints and are now focusing on raising enough funds to break ground and begin construction.

Alyson and Briana talk about a room of LEGO:

Imagine a welcoming room full of kids, overlooking the ocean, painted with primary colors, playing mats, LEGO posters on the wall, and a shelf with bins where each kid stores their own creations. Imagine the experience for those kids! This room, along with thousands of LEGO bricks we will collect, will allow them to dream and imagine and play in a way other children take for granted.

I invite you to participate and be part of the dream.

The biggest  accomplishments in life always start with one action – so what action will you take today?

    • Donate money – Donate via PayPal or Directly (Tax deductible / receipt provided)
    • Donate no longer needed LEGO bricks and sets – drop off or ship to:

Project Build
c/o Ivonne Moon
3706 Amaryllis Dr.,
San Diego, CA 92106

    • Donate a new LEGO set that inspires you when you think of a kid loving it.
    • Don’t have LEGO toys or money to donate? No time to fundraise? No problem – please spread the word by sharing this with your friends and family and get at least one person to donate on your behalf.

There are so many things we can do to better this world so why not start today?
Thank you for taking action and for your time to read and distribute this page.

– Ivonne Moon, Project Lead